About us

Our company’s pricing policy is based on 5 principles:

  1. Providing valuable services
  2. Which the market wants or needs
  3. At a price it is willing to pay
  4. In a way that satisfies buyers’ expectations
  5. While generating a profit that makes it profitable to continue the company’s operations

What do we do?

We are engaged in 3D digitizing of objects, and they are:

What does the 3D digitizing we perform consist of?

3D digitizing has many other terms, as it is now in times of thriving development in various fields of similar technologies. However, everything for our clients begins with the arrival of the survey team with mobile and stationary 3D scanners, and proceeding to map the site. We then collect the complete metric and visual material, which is then processed automatically to end up in the hands of the investor in the form of a portal with remote access or in the hands of engineers as files for spatial analysis and 3D modeling

We are in Infrastructure Management > Inventory

Why is the mapping we offer unique to the customer?

We map up to 20,000 sqm in one day and deliver the data to you within the next business day. We provide customer service from the very beginning to the very end and even longer, we do not leave you without support and consultation. We provide a guarantee of our services. We help you implement solutions for the best benefits for your ventures.

We work as fast as our scanners. Check it out!

Together we can do more