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Our main goal is to enable the practical use of commercially available 3D technologies in our clients’ ventures and businesses. We provide them with finished products as well as intermediate services for implementing 3D digitizing into their decision-making and management processes. Our team has specialized in this thanks to the trust of dozens of clients since 2007. We want you to grow with us!

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VR/AR in
construction work

3D scans and models
for remote site work

Cyclic mobile
3D inventory

Tools for verifying the schedule
and budget of a construction project

Irrefutable documentation of work
construction in 2D and 3D format

Tools to support the work
of subcontractors and tradesmen

Integration with existing
facility management and IoT systems

You get remote 3D access to complete and reliable information about your facility! We are all standing in the same place and looking at the same thing



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Dear Reader, if these topics are close to your heart or you have found them interesting and valuable, and you have come to the conclusion that you want to implement the 3D digitizing aspect at your organization, then click here, we will talk about it, we will help you. During the free 15-minute consultation, you can verify our competence, whether you would work well and effectively with us, and, above all, make a first attempt to find solutions to the challenges posed by the venture you have embarked on.

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